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Empirical Precision Medicine

Providing personalized, drug response insights prior to treatment

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Why this matters

Empirical drug sensitivity data will help healthcare providers make informed decisions, lower costs, and achieve better outcomes for patients.

At EMPIRI, our mission is to optimize cancer treatments within the boundary of reality yet unconstrained by prior knowledge. We strongly believe each patient’s tumor tissue is the best model for that patient. Our results are empirical determinations, not inferred predictions.

Our pragmatic and clinically validated approach is cancer agnostic and independent of genomic or histologic diagnosis.

Services we provide

In parallel to our instrument development, EMPIRI provides cutting-edge correlative study services for clinical trials, using E-slice and single cell sequencing technologies.

Empiri E-Slice


We provide E-slice analysis using biopsy cores or surgical material to our select partners engaged in clinical trials in the TMC area. We can provide early response data in time to make agile decisions on your trial design and enrollment.

Empiri tSNA

Single Cell Sequencing


We offer end-to-end single cell RNA sequencing service, from tissue dissociation to bioinformatics analysis. We decipher the complexity of each cancer ecosystem through droplet-based single cell RNA sequencing service, including immune profiling. 

Collaborators and Clients

EMPIRI's Approach

We aim to personalize cancer care empirically. Enter Cal.

EMPIRI Cal™ is based on a proprietary 3D culture system using organotypic tumor slices (E-slices) that retain the integrity of each tumor's ecosystem. Our innovative and pragmatic approach measures cytotoxic effects of an individual drug or drug combinations with the goal of optimizing efficacy and minimizing toxicity for each cancer patient. This is the backbone of Cal™.

A novel automated E-slice instrument, Cal


Cal is a standalone instrument that automatically processes live, intact human tissues (biopsy cores or surgical material) and provides drug sensitivity results, both for short-term [days] or long-term [weeks] responses.

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