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Single-Cell RNA Sequencing


Services we provide

  • End-to-end or à la carte service, including fresh tissue handling to final report

  • Custom study design consultation

  • Sample pick up service from the Texas Medical Center area for rapid sample processing

  • Cloud-based bioinformatics Pipeline for basic and custom computational analysis

  • Specialize in clinical trial samples, including biospy core analysis


Sample Collection

Tissue Dissociation into single cells

Single cell capture and library generation


Bioinformatic Analysis

Data storage

scRNA - workflow graphics_edited_edited.

UMAP visualization of clusters from scRNA Sequencing analysis

Single Cell Sequencing Service

The Workflow

We offer end-to-end single-cell RNA sequencing service, from tissue dissociation to bioinformatics analysis. Decipher the complexity of each cancer ecosystem through droplet-based single-cell RNA sequencing service, including immune profiling.  Elucidating cellular heterogeneity in terms of cell type composition and activation states pre- and post-treatment, for example, can provide profound cellular and molecular level understanding.

Services Offered:

  • Single Cell Gene Expression 3' and 5'

  • Single Cell Immune Profiling (TCR/BCR sequencing)

  • Multi-omics

  • Single cell ATAC-seq

  • Spatial-sequencing (VISIUM)


If you are interested in using our services, 

Single Cell Sequencing

The Latest in scRNA Sequencing

Early insights into clinical trials through single-cell RNA sequencing from biopsy cores

Single cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) yields valuable insights into the molecular
heterogeneity of multiple cell types in normal and cancer tissues

Immunity, Jun 2021

Haley L Dugan et al.
PubMed: 33870241

Profiling B cell immunodominance after SARS-CoV-2 infection reveals antibody evolution to non-neutralizing viral targets

Single-cell sequencing was used to describe SARS-CoV-2 B cells, and revealed "antibody adaptation to non-neutralizing intracellular antigens during infection". 

Cell Stem Cell, Jun 2021

Ling Huang et al.
PubMed: 33915081

Commitment and oncogene-induced plasticity of human stem cell-derived pancreatic acinar and ductal organoids

Organoids mimicking the exocrine pancreas were developed to model "lineage tropism and plasticity for oncogene action in the pancreas". Single-cell RNA sequencing was used to asses molecular differences between organoid lineages. 

Nature, Jun 2021

David Liu et al.
PubMed: 33941922

Evolution of delayed resistance to immunotherapy in a melanoma responder


Single-Cell RNA sequencing data along with immunofluorescence was used to understand immune resistance in melanoma patients, revealing "differences in immune composition among different lineages".

Nature, Jun 2021

Daniela J Di Bella et al.
PubMed: 34163074

Molecular logic of cellular diversification in the mouse cerebral cortex

An atlas of a developing mouse-neocortex was created using single-cell RNA sequencing data to help show "lineage-specific developmental abnormalities" commonly linked to mutations.

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