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10x Genomics Certified Service Provider

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Unparalleled expertise meets breakthrough technology! 10x Genomics is known world-wide for their single cell sequencing technologies, which are taking over the scientific world.

EMPIRI is now a 10x Genomics Certified Service Provider for #singlecell analysis. We specialize in clinical sample analysis, including biopsy cores from clinical trials. Combining single-cell analysis with E-slice treatment response measurements can provide unprecedented insights into your clinical trials. Contact us for information. #clinicaltrials#precisiononcology#drugdiscovery#drugspharmaceuticals

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Join Us at the 10x Genomics User Group Meeting!

We are excited to share that Kyuson Yun, co-founder of Empiri, will be presenting at the 10x Genomics User Group Meeting. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about our high-quality, end-to-end si

Our store-front at

EMPIRI's E-slice 3D tumor culture platform for real-time evaluation of therapeutic candidates can now be accessed through our store-front at Scienist.Com for expedited study quoting and contracting.


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