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Our store-front at

EMPIRI's E-slice 3D tumor culture platform for real-time evaluation of therapeutic candidates can now be accessed through our store-front at Scienist.Com for expedited study quoting and contracting.

E-slice enables efficacy, target validation, and MOA studies, including chemo, targeted, immune, virotherapy, cell-based and combinations while maintaining the native TME cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions unique to each patient’s tumor. Results are availalable in a clinically-actionable time frame of 4-8 days with tissue viability out to 28+ days in many cases.

Contact us if there is interest in a detailed discussion around how E-slice can be used to enhance both preclinical drug discovery and development efforts and clinical diagnosis. #cancerresearch #immunotherapy #drugdiscovery #scRNAseq #clinicaltrials #oncology #3dculture #TME #cancerdrugs #ESlice

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