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Dave Gallup

We aim to optimize precision cancer care by assisting physicians to select optimized treatment for individual patients based on empirical treatment response data. 

Enter Cal.

Cal is a novel cancer diagnostic instrument in development at EMPIRI. It automates our proprietary E-slice methodology, a novel 3D culture system that retains critical cell: cell communication, extracellular matrix, and heterogeneous cell compositions that are unique and integral to each cancer ecosystem. E-slices measure dynamic responses to chemotherapies, targeted therapies, and immunotherapies.  This innovative and clinically validated method can be used to measure the cytotoxic effects of individual drugs and drug combinations to optimize efficacy and reduce toxicity for each cancer patient. 

Cal is a self-standing, automated, tissue handler that precisely and reproducibly performs Empiri's proprietary treatment sensitivity assays. Cal will accelerate and maximize clinical trials and drug discovery pipelines. 


Cal is still under development, if you would like to learn more or invest, click here to email us.

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