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Animal Health

At EMPIRI, our mission is to transform cancer care with empirical, personalized drug response data. This can be applied to both human and animal health.  Our empirical assessment of individual tumor tissue response to specific cancer therapies will benefit both human and veterinary patients and optimize their cancer treatment. 

EMPIRI has expanded the use of its reference laboratory menu of tests and services to enable veterinarians to better meet the challenges of diagnosing and treating cancer. Building on its expertise in cancer pathology, we continues to expand what's possible to enhance the lives of pets by providing veterinarians with comprehensive cancer diagnostics that assist in targeted therapy selection and personalized treatment options.

  • Cancer is the leading cause of death in adult dogs

  • Six million dogs in the US are diagnosed with cancer each year

  • One in four dogs in the US will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime

  • 95% of pet owners consider their pet a part of their family


The use of comparative oncology for translational research of targeted therapies is of benefit for both human and veterinary patients. While improving the translational success rate of these therapies from preclinical to clinical studies, dogs and cats get access to otherwise inaccessible novel therapies. Equally important, targeting therapeutic agents approved for human use can be a potential treatment for dogs and cats with tumors expressing the molecular target in question. Clearly, researchers in the field of veterinary and human oncology could help each other and, more importantly, their patients by working closely together.

EMPIRI's E-slice assay measures live tumor tissue treatment responses from patient tissues and experimental models.  Empirical drug sensitivity data will accelerate the development of new cancer therapies, increasing clinical effectiveness and reducing costly side effects and overall healthcare costs.  This significant benefit of using E-Slice to determine optimal cancer therapy will translate to both human and veterinary patients.

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