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EMPIRI's Mission

To optimize cancer treatments within the boundary of reality yet unconstrained by previous knowledge.

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We are building the first-in-class cancer diagnostic instrument for optimal treatment selection for each and every cancer patient.


Our proprietary tumor tissue slice method [e-slice]  is being used to build EMPIRI Cal [TM] which automatically process and measures individual patient tissue sensitivities to chemotherapies, targeted therapies, immunotherapy and other anti-cancer treatments.

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EMPIRI provides cutting-edge correlative study services using

cutting edge technologies using fresh tissues.



We provide live tissue treatment analysis service to select partners engaged in clinical trials to accelerate new drug testing.

Human cancer is composed of multiple different cell types that together form an ecosystem that is unique to each cancer patient. EMPIRI's proprietary tumor tissue slice culture is a novel 3D culture method that maintains native cell:cell and cell:matrix interactions unique to individual cancer patient's tumor. 

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Single Cell Sequencing

We offer end-to-end single cell RNA sequencing service, from tissue dissociation to bioinformatics analysis. We decipher the complexity of each cancer ecosystem through droplet-based single cell RNA sequencing service, including immune profiling.  Elucidating cellular heterogeneity in terms of cell type composition and activation states pre and post treatment provides profound insights into cellular and molecular level understanding of dynamic treatment responses.

We offer 5' transcriptions, with or without V(D)J sequencing, analysis to molecularly analyze cancer and stromal cells at the single cell level.

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